Marinator helps solve common Android dependency injection problems by wrapping your components with a simple static class. Instead of calling code like MyApplication.get().getComponent().inject(this), you can simply call Marinator.inject(this). Marinator relies on an annotation processor to generate a helper that registers your injectors - as a developer, all you have to do is annotate your injector methods and provide the component to the MarinadeHelper.
StyledText is a library that simplifies styling dynamic text in iOS applications. Instead of having to use attributed strings every time you need to update text, you can declaratively set a text style on your labels. When the text of the label is updated, the label uses the preset style.
Colander is a customizable UIView subclass that displays a scrolling calendar view on iOS.

Why "Colander"?
  • Because Blue Apron is a food company.
  • Because "Colander" sounds like "calendar", sort of.
  • Because "CalendarView" was taken.